Energomashcomplect publishes its own run of books, the Energomashcomplect Library. As part of this series, in collaboration with our partners, professional and technical literature has been and continues to be published. The library is useful and interesting to those specialists who are somehow connected with the valve industry.

R.F. Usvatov-Usyskin "Let's talk about valves. 12 lectures-discussions for beginners."

The author of this book, one of the most experienced surviving valve specialists, invites readers to talk about valves. In a series of lectures and discussions, without formal and scientific presentation of a technical nature, he explains the basic concepts relating to the pipeline valves.

The book contains information about industrial pipeline valves on issues of terminology, application and installation of pipelines, as well as operation. He shows us the main features of different valve types which includes the data on the legend denoting the type of valve according to its marking. However, the book should not be considered as a textbook or a course of lectures because reading it will not in itself make you an expert in pipeline valves.

This work is firstly addressed to the reader who wishes to become involved in jobs related to the valve industry but who doesn’t have sufficient knowledge to communicate with partners and customers, when discussing the issues of valve supply and application. The book will help readers to feel more comfortable and familiar about the world of valves. Familiarity with this book may be an initial step in gaining specialized knowledge of the valve industry for those who join it.

O.N. Shpakov "The Valve industry from A to Z. Dictionary of Technical Terms."

O.N. Shpakov has been working in the valve industry since 1962. He is the author of several well-known resource books which have become essential guides for several generations of valve specialists.

"The Valve industry from A to Z" contains terms and definitions which are common in the valve industry. He gives us definitions, comments and illustrations.

One of the primary purposes of the author is to issue a comparative dictionary which gives an interpretation of terms used for national standards in relation to similar foreign standards, as well as terms and definitions translated from foreign publications. In addition, pipeline valve terminology types, assemblies, parts and measurements that can be found in national and foreign standards are described in the publication.

Additionally, the book contains terms on valve reliability, control and testing. The author provides terminology on the characteristics of valves, their research, design, manufacture, operation and diagnostics. Terms regarding materials that are used in valves and their testing, processing and modification are also given in the book.

The work is useful for engineering, technical and business specialists; for manufacturers, design companies in various fields of activity within the industry, transport, agriculture and other sectors of the national economy. It may be of great interest to students, educational institutions and repair facilities.

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