The Energomashcomplect Company is a member of the Supervisory Board of the inter-industry Valve Industry Magazine.

The Valve Industry magazine is published bi-monthly and has a circulation of nearly 5000 copies per edition. Relevant material concerning the issues of the Russian and world pipeline valve market development is published in the magazine. The publication is focused on the problem of technical regulation, issues with faulty products, industrial business effectiveness, valve design and the development of manufacturing processes. Operation, diagnostics and valve repair are also discussed. The most important world issues together with Russian economics are covered in the magazine.

The Valve Industry magazine actively cooperates with the Scientific & Industrial Valve Manufacturers Association (NPAA) and with the leading Russian and foreign companies whose activities relate to the manufacture, distribution and use of pipeline valves. The major market players trust the magazine’s thorough analysis of interviews published, specialist articles and reports. The magazine’s designers are always ready to help you in creating advertizing sections of any complexity.

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